What is covered?

The Diamond Wireless Protection Program covers the wireless handset (device, standard battery, & wall charger) from loss, theft, accidental damage (including liquid damage), and malfunction (after the manufacturer’s warranty expires).


What is not covered?

Normal wear, pre-existing damage/malfunction, and cosmetic damage to your wireless handset are not covered. Other exclusions apply.


How do I enroll and when am I covered?


Is the program renewable?

Yes! Our program is renewable with the option of cancellation at any time. Choose from one of these two options:


What are the claim limits?

Up to 2 claims in a rolling 12 month period for each element o fyour program: Insurance (lost, stolen or accidental damage) and Extended Warranty (malfunction outside of manufacturer’s warranty).


What kind of replacement equipment will I receive?

Replacements are often new but on occasion may be reconditioned. While reconditioned equipment looks and functions just like new, it may have minor cosmetic flaws and contain non-original manufacturer parts and accessories. If the exact make and model is not available, your replacement will be of like kind and quality.


How will I be billed?

If you elect month-to-month coverage, your monthly premiums wil be charged to your credit card by Diamond Wireless. Otherwise, you will pay for 12 months of coverage at the same time you purchase your wireless equipment and again at the time of elected renewal. State taxes may apply.


How can I cancel?

You may cancel at any time by calling Diamond Wireless Customer Care at (877) 770 – 1555. Any unearned insurance premium and service warranty fees will be reimbursed in accordance with applicable law.


The Diamond Wireless Protection Program combines the insurance and service warranty offerings. Visit www.diamond-wireless.com for our Privacy Statement and your complete Insurance Policy and Service Warranty Agreement to determine your rights, duties, and exclusions.


Why Sign Up?

The Handset Protection Program is designed to give you peace of mind. It combines its insurance and service warranty programs to provide you maximum program coverage. By signing up now, you can save time, save money and avoid aggravation should your phone be lost, stolen, accidentally damaged, or malfunctioning.


Step 1: Call Diamond Wireless to file a claim

Call Diamond Wireless Customer Care at (877) 770-1555 to file a claim. Claims must be reported within 60 days of the incident or loss. Proof of loss, ownership, and/or identity will need to be provided upon request. You have 60 days to provide all information requested for claim adjudication. Only the account holder or authorized user of the account may file a claim.


Step 2: Pay Deductible & Receive Replacement

If your claim is approved, your deductible will be collected by Diamond Wireless’ call center and your handset will be shipped to you. If you don’t take delivery of the replacement device within 60 days of claim approval, your claim will be forfeited. Returning your damaged or malfunctioning handset is required regardless of condition. Please keep the receipt, original box, manual and all packaging materials for warranty purposes.


The Diamond Wireless Protection Program combines our insurance and service warranty offerings. To purchase our insurance offering separately, please call Diamond Wireless at (877) 770-1555. The premium for exclusive insurance coverage is listed in the above table.



Insurance covers lost, stolen and accidental damage incidents. When combined with eSecuritel’s Service Warranty Agreement, it forms the Handset Protection Program.

Insurance Program Highlights

This Program provides replacement handset service to Diamond Wireless customers enrolled as certificate holders under Master Policy No. IM 5470994-00. This coverage is being provided by the Zurich American Insurance Company through eSecuritel Agency, LLC and is administered by eSecuritel Holdings, LLC.



Zurich American Insurance Company

Address: 1400 American Lane

Schaumburg, IL 60196


Named Insured:

Diamond Wireless, LLC

200 W. Civic Center Drive, Suite 202

Sandy, UT 84070

(888) 977-2060


Authorized Representative:

eSecuritel Agency, LLC

PO Box 03

Alpharetta, GA 30009


Other Material Insurance Disclosures

This brochure contains a summary of information regarding the program. In addition, this program may change or be modified during your term. We will not cover loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by any of the exclusions listed in the complete Insurance Policy. PLEASE VISIT www.diamond-wireless.com TO VIEW THE COMPLETE INSURANCE POLICY CAREFULLY AND DETERMINE YOUR RIGHTS, DUTIES, AND WHAT IS AND IS NOT COVERED.

Disclaimer: This document is intended as a general description of handset insurance to qualified customers, provided solely for informational purposes. Nothing herein should be construed as a solicitation, offer, advice, recommendation, or any other service with regard to any type of insurance product. The insurance policy is the contract that specifically and fully describes your coverage, terms and conditions. The description of the policy provisions gives a broad overview of coverage and does not revise or amend the policy. Zurich American Insurance Company does not provide nor is affiliated with the other services provided as part of the offering.



eSecuritel’s Service Warranty Agreement covers incidents of malfunction after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty. When combined with Insurance, it forms the complete Wireless Handset Protection Program. If you purchased your Wireless Handset as stated on the receipt in CT, DC, FL, IN, LA, ME, MA, MI, NJ, NC, PA, RI, SD, or WI, this Agreement is an extended limited warranty. Otherwise, it is a service contract. THIS SERVICE WARRANTY AGREEMENT IS NOT A CONTRACT OF INSURANCE.


Service Warranty Coverage

Replacement of Wireless Handset is issued if, under normal conditions and use, the wireless handset on record with eSecuritel fails to operate properly due to manufacturer’s defects or workmanship after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.



The Service Warranty Agreement is not available for purchase on a standalone basis. You must remain an active enrolled customer of the Handset Insurance Program provided by Diamond Wireless, under Master Policy No. IM 5470994-00, to be eligible for this Service Warranty

Agreement. If you fail to remain an active enrolled subscriber of such Diamond Wireless Protection Program, regardless of cessation reason, this Service Warranty Agreement is considered terminated by you.


Service Fee

Service Fee: $2.49 monthly or $29.88 for 12 months of coverage.

Purchaser & Seller

The Purchaser (Subscriber) of this Agreement is the owner of the covered equipment. The Seller of this Agreement is listed on your receipt.


Service Warranty Provider & Administrator Provider in All States Except FL, OK & WA

Administrator in All States

eSecuritel Holdings, LLC (eSecuritel)

P.O. Box 03

Alpharetta, GA 30009

(866) 277 – 6325


Provider in Florida & Oklahoma

Lyndon Southern Insurance Company

10151 Deerwood Park Boulevard, Building 100, Suite 330

Jacksonville, FL 32256

(800) 888 – 2738


Provider in Washington

Dealers Alliance Corporation

3518 Riverside Drive

Upper Arlington, OH 43221

(800) 282 – 8913


Other Material Service Warranty Disclosures

• This brochure contains a summary of information regarding the eSecuritel Service Warranty Agreement and is not a full and complete version. Some provisions may differ by state based upon applicable state law. PLEASE READ THE COMPLETE SERVICE CONTRACT OR EXTENDED LIMITED WARRANTY CAREFULLY TO DETERMINE YOUR RIGHTS, DUTIES AND WHAT IS AND IS NOT COVERED. For more information or to obtain a complete copy of this Agreement, visit www.diamond-wireless.com or call (877) 770-1555.

• If you reside in Washington, the limit to the number of claims allotted is not applicable.

• You are not required to purchase this agreement in order to purchase products or services from Diamond Wireless. This coverage may provide a duplicate of other sources of coverage. The obligations of eSecuritel under this agreement are backed by the full faith and credit of eSecuritel’s parent company Brightstar Corp. (9725 NW 117th Ave, #300, Miami, FL 33178, 304-421-6000) except in the states listed below where the obligations are insured pursuant to a service contract reimbursement insurance policy issued to eSecuritel. If eSecuritel does not perform its obligations hereunder within sixty (60) days after the Subscriber files a claim with eSecuritel, the Subscriber is entitled to file a claim directly with insurer indicated for the customer’s state at the below address.


GA Customers:

Insurance Company of the South

10151 Deerwood Park Blvd.

Bldg. 100 Ste. 330,

Jacksonville, FL 32256



CA and WI Customers:

Dealers Assurance Company

3518 Riverside Drive

Upper Arlington, OH 43221



CT, FL, OK and UT Customers:

Lyndon Southern Insurance Company of the South

10151 Deerwood Park Blvd, Bldg. 100 Ste. 330

Jacksonville, FL 32256



WA Customers:

Dealers Alliance Corporation

3518 Riverside Drive

Upper Arlington, OH 43221



Additional Documents

Print Diamond Wireless Protection Program Guide

Diamond Wireless Protection Insurance Contract