Company Story

In 1999, Diamond Wireless began selling wireless phones by way of soliciting on a predictive dialing phone system.  At that time, Diamond didn’t have a single retail location.  Owned and operated by Troy Crosland, his father Craig Crosland, and Troy’s sister Danielle Nielson, they would begin a successful journey that would go on to become one of the largest Verizon Wireless Indirect dealers in the United States and provide employment for over 1300 employees.

After recognizing the potential of wireless phone sales, Crosland’s opened business inside the Fashion Place Mall, Salt Lake City, Utah, in September 2000.  As numbers continued to climb, Diamond began to expand throughout the Utah market opening locations in the Cottonwood Mall, Valley Fair Mall, South Towne Mall, and the Provo Towne Centre.  In May, 2001, Diamond added a small outside sales team that focused on business sales as well as special events including fairs and trade shows. Diamond’s presence in Utah increased and sales increased.

Diamond Wireless Company Story

The Utah market was successful due to the leadership and generosity of the Crosland family.  Diamond’s employees valued their positions and made Diamond Wireless a part of their lives; recruiting their friends and their friends’ friends.  Diamond was known for honesty, professionalism, and for taking care of their employees and their customers with equal success.  As more and more employees “joined in,” a certain Diamond culture was created, which created a name for that culture: the “Diamond Way!”

In November 2002, Diamond was approached to expand into Colorado and Arizona.  Diamond entered Arizona and Colorado in January 2003 and produced more new activations per door than any other indirect dealer.  Six stores were opened covering Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, and Tucson.  Utah became the breeding ground for excellent employees that would then be promoted and move to opening markets.

In January 2004, Diamond expanded into the Hawaii market.  The Hawaii opportunity included 3 stores located in Maui, Oahu, and Hilo.  Once again, Diamond was able to send a Utah management team to open the market.

Based on their success in every endeavor, Diamond was again approached to expand into Las Vegas market.  Thanks to significant growth in the Utah, Colorado and Arizona markets, the Diamond staff included qualified managers who were willing to be promoted and move to a new market.  Diamond entered four malls in Nevada. At the end of 2005, Diamond Wireless had a total of 32 stores throughout Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii, and Nevada.

Diamond acquired an exclusive Verizon dealer of 15 stores throughout Washington and Oregon in October 2006 and has continued to expand throughout the northwest into new locations.  Along with the northwest, Diamond opened doors in Texas and New Mexico bringing its store totals to 56 locations throughout 9 of the western states by the beginning of 2008.  Throughout 2008, the company continued to grow primarily in California and its total locations reached 70!

Diamond Wireless Team

As California continued to grow and grow, in January, 2010, between northern California and southern California, Diamond had grown the state to 30 total stores.  As a total, Diamond Wireless had 11 strip malls, 7 inline stores inside of shopping malls, and 81 kiosks located in shopping malls all throughout the west area.  In 2010, Verizon Wireless approached the company to expand their business into the south area, which covers Texas, throughout the Gulf Coast, and reaches the Carolinas.  In April 2010, Diamond opened doors in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio and all the way to Georgia.  By the end of 2011 the South Area reached 33 total doors, which included New Orleans and Atlanta.  Throughout 2011 and 2012 Diamond Wireless grew throughout the South Area and entered the Northeast Area by opening in New York.  At the year-end of 2012, Diamond had roughly 220 locations.  Entering 2013, there was a major opportunity presented to Diamond Wireless through taking over the Verizon Wireless locations inside of the BJ’s Wholesale Clubs located throughout the Northeast and South Area, totaling 154 takeovers.  August 1, 2013, Diamond added these locations and relocated over 100 employees.  Throughout 2013, Diamond Wireless is focusing on 340 total locations by training, concentrating on the customer experience and providing an outstanding work environment.